Public Relations

How to win friends and influence people.

Are you frustrated that your brilliance hides under a bushel, while competitors bask in the limelight? 

Or are you talking tons, but not sure anyone is actually listening, let alone sharing or responding? Perhaps you have vocal dissenters who risk running down your reputation, or negative reviews online, and don’t know how to react.

If you find yourself pushing out press notices on an ad-hoc basis, joining social networks then finding yourself at a loss as to how to engage, and generally broadcasting more than you're listening, you could benefit from a smarter approach to your PR.

I can help you learn what your customers or other target audiences would tell you if they could about how to connect with them – by the media they consume, the communities they join, the experts they trust and the stories they share.

Hire the messenger.

Stories about you can carry more weight than your advertising – as much as eight times more according to some studies. The messenger is potent. Depending on who you want to reach, third party endorsement from another business, journalist, sector expert, colleague, family member or friend builds believability.

With the advent of social media, the impact lasts even longer. A great story in a magazine, on TV or online can be the subject of posts, re-posts and tweets for many weeks if not months.

External endorsement of what you do can even cast a warm glow inside your organisation, as staff enjoy the feel-good factor of respect and recognition.

Together we can identify the content in your area of expertise that your targets will find useful, enjoyable and motivating. The content that journalists will see as a story, influencers will blog and social media gurus will share. Once discovered, this gold dust can be reused on your website – often making you stand out better in search – in email marketing and in printed materials.

PR spans media relations, social media strategy and delivery, events and consultations, partnership programmes, and spectacles or stunts. Nowhere are the techniques rooted in behavioural economics more powerful than in PR, and we’ll use tactics that draw on evidence about social norms, ego and reciprocation. It’s insight with influence.