Content and copy

Why most people won’t get any further.

The web is brutal - eight out of 10 people read no more than the headline of an online article. 

They tend to skim through the rest of the copy scanning for nuggets, or skip straight to the final paragraph. People read differently online, so you have to write differently.

If your website, emails and marketing materials aren’t generating the responses you’d expect, the problem may lie not in what you say, but how you go about saying it, and why you're talking about it in the first place.

Is your copy stuck on product or service features, when it could be zeroing in on the problem it solves? Do you rely on reason, leaving emotion untapped? Once you’ve piqued a person’s interest, do you make it urgent and easy to find out more?

Whether it’s time you're short of or the knowledge of what works now, I can help you create content that will capture and sustain people’s interest through words, images, audio, infographics, animations or video.

Is your copy speaking directly to your customers’ wants and needs?


Does yours fulfil its potential to attract, inspire and convert? 

Articles and white papers

Are you creating goodwill by publishing regular blogs or thought-pieces that educate or entertain, position you as useful and knowledgeable, and help Google find you?

Direct mail

Do your letters and emails harness the power of salience, scarcity and other best practice copywriting techniques?

Email campaigns

Do your campaigns have targeted landing pages, or are you abandoning potential customers on your home page with no reference to where they’ve come from and what they should do next? 

Testimonials and case studies

Do you understand the power of social proof? Are you confident enough to employ the honesty that can stop customers’ objections in their tracks?


Are yours viewed as big league, or bumph destined for the bin?

I can also write the documents for which many people have neither the time nor inclination, such as annual reports or style guides.

Of course, content and PR are good bedfellows. Great content is shareable.

We wanted some customer case studies for our website and business development. Caroline quickly got to grips with our business and customers, and created stories that bring to life the partnerships we have. I have to say they’re a much better read than most IT case studies! 

She organised all the meetings, a photographer and graphic design, so we didn’t have to get involved. She even provided us with a short report of the common themes she noted from her conversations with our customers, so we have a better understanding now of what they particularly value about our support.

James Wagland, Cambridge Helpdesk