Brand and marketing strategy

Turn your identity into an idea.

Do you have a first-class product, innovative service or burning cause, and want to build a brand that does it justice?

Have you grown and diversified to great success, but with the upshot that what should be a strong brand is now a bamboozling mish-mash of different products or offers?

Perhaps you’re a service business having trouble attracting staff who fit your ethos to a tee.

If every time you read ‘brand’ you think ‘logo’, replace that thought with ‘image’, ‘reputation’ or ‘culture’ – or all three. 

Your brand is a combination of what you do for people – including other businesses – and how you do it. Put another way, your performance and your personality.

Companies offering a truly unique product or service are as rare as hen’s teeth.

In all likelihood you have a competitor offering something similar for a comparable price. Even causes like charities have to compete for share of mind along with share of pocket. But that’s OK, because branding is as much about emotion as function. 

If you’re just starting out, congratulations. I can help you determine your positioning in relation to your soon-to-be competitors and create a brand that people can’t wait to be part of.

If you’re more established, let me review how you're perceived by customers, prospects, staff and other stakeholders. Discover your relevance, and find out how they believe you differ from your competitors, for better or worse. The results may surprise you, and are sure to reveal opportunities. 

Whatever your situation we’ll work together to define a compelling proposition, create a motivating expression of your manifesto and bring to life your vision and values. We'll translate that into simple rules to live by, whether that’s the promise you make or the language you use to make it.

I can bring in talented graphic design, artist or illustrator input to express your brand visually. This could include creating or perhaps modernising your logo, if there’s a compelling business reason to do so, or outlining some consistent ‘graphic language’. It's the style to reflect your substance. 

I’ll help you bring your staff on the journey. You need them to love your brand and live and breathe it, because, chances are, they are your brand. 

Finally, a smart strategy will ensure your PR and content is bang on brand, and help you piggyback on the brands of trusted influencers. 

Thank you again for what you have done, and getting yourself into my head so successfully! You have helped me unblock from the maze of copy and ideas we’d had and come out with better clarity, and delivered excellent copy for the website.

Daniela Florea, SoGood2Wear