Let's roll up our sleeves.

I work with one woman (or man) bands and multinational brands, and every combination in between. 

Some have marketing or communications staff who need an extra pair of hands, a fresh pair of eyes or a specific skill. Others – typically small businesses or charities poised for growth – need to entrust their marketing or communications needs to a specialist so that they can get back to their own area of expertise. 

Working with a consultant like me is not for everyone. Only the Lone Ranger has a silver bullet. The best marketing on the planet can’t fix a broken product, a poor service or a doomed strategy. Big changes rarely happen overnight. 

But if you're willing to put in the time and effort to share your business goals and customer understanding, to work with me to uncover your insights and to test, learn and refine marketing activities, the results can be dramatic, and long-lasting.

Our team will be you and me, plus – if necessary – hand-picked associates. I’ve been at the coalface of marketing for more than 20 years, and our collective experience spans several lifetimes. 

I work as an extension of your team, however big or small, but with the added benefit of a fresh perspective on your business challenges.

I can work on a one-off project, serial project or retainer basis, and I’ll tailor my approach to meet your needs.

Support for businesses and organisations with no in-house team

If you are a business or organisation with little or no in-house marketing resource, I can make your budget work hard for you. Give up googling ‘email marketing strategy’ and get back to doing what you do best: the product, service or idea that excites you.

With your knowledge of customers and competitors and my marketing know-how, we'll work together to attract the right leads, get more of the customers you love, convert interest into sales, and build profitable ongoing relationships. 

Support for in-house marketing teams or agencies

Having been an in-house Communications Director, I know that sub-par communications and marketing is seldom the result of incompetence or laziness. More often, stretched professionals are too busy managing resources and keeping information flowing to evaluate their efforts in the depth they'd like to, learn new skills or spend time researching what customers are thinking, saying and doing. I sympathise, I don’t judge and I’m here to offer experienced, friendly support to help you get the results you want.

Let me help you banish that sinking feeling when you read a great article placed by a competitor, or the nagging concern that you’re not as influential as you could be on social media. 

Ask me to reinvigorate a tired strategy, advise on tactics, or take an area of work off your hands. With my support, you can get back the time you need to emerge from the bog of everyday detail and re-focus on your priorities.