A little outside help can make a huge difference.

Too often, competing demands mean a crucial aspect of your marketing – or even the whole kit and caboodle – goes neglected. A business stagnates while its competition thrives, a sales message misses its mark, a phenomenal offer fizzes and fades. 

Put my time and experience to work for you, whether you want to connect with prospects, current customers, staff or stakeholders. Build the urgency, credibility and rapport that rallies people to your cause, whatever you're selling.

Caroline’s story

20 years in the industry… and I still haven’t worked people out.

Caroline Brown

People are curious - that’s what makes them interesting. Understanding them is a life’s work for all dedicated communicators.

They always seem particularly perplexing from the perspective of your business – why won't they notice you, why don't they know you, why can't they see they need you?

In every communications or marketing role I've held, the core challenge has ultimately been the same. Whatever the latest greatest-thing-since-sliced-bread tactic everyone is talking about, at the heart of every business task lies the need to deeply understand the customer, whether that person is a consumer or a business person. To know who they are, what their life is like and what keeps them awake at night. To work out what they need and how you meet it, where you can find them and who or what influences them. To use that knowledge to make better connections.

At the heart of Whitehall, I led the first segmentation of the working age population by attitude - all 5 million of them - and ran a major campaign that helped drive hundreds of thousands to a key online service.  

As Director of Communications at one of the country’s top independent schools, I helped senior leaders and (sometimes skeptical) staff discover and express the school’s values authentically, leading to a greater sense of shared purpose and vision, and more meaningful and effective marketing. I led the school’s 400th anniversary celebrations, including media coverage, blogs, email bulletins and events, and helped cover costs by bringing in commercial sponsors.

I've advised everyone from secretaries of state to maths teachers, on everything from how to launch a national policy to the points to make on the Today programme.

I've wrestled with marketing challenges in cloud-based software, business services and luxury property, and from FMCG to B2B.

I've led everything from market research for SMEs to media stunts for campaign launches. Tens of pages of blogs, hundreds of pages of websites and thousands of pages of printed copy have been penned by me. I've pitched countless stories successfully to the media, uncovered news hooks and written case studies. I’ve set up and run engaging social media accounts, composed thought-provoking articles and crafted newsletters for clicks. 

I can't do everything, but along the way I’ve met a lot of talented people whose expertise I can also bring to bear on your challenges, managing their input seamlessly on your behalf. 

Atesh’s story

Atesh Brown

Atesh the dog is a silent partner in the business, but one who would have a lot to say about the power of digital communications, were he ever to find his Dr Doolittle.

He was a starving stray, riddled with mange, discovered alone in a wood outside Kalkan, Turkey. He was facing certain and painful death within weeks, when a kind Turkish lady came to his rescue. She fed him and notified local charity KAPSA who care for the street animals there. He was taken to their vet, where he began his long journey back to health.

She named him Atesh and, with KAPSA, set about the process of finding him a home. Using Facebook, they brought him to the attention of animal lovers across the globe. Barely a day went past without a status update, an image or an appeal. The community liked, shared and crossed their fingers for more than a year.

His little face peered out of the timeline. We fell in love. When we decided to adopt him, we knew we were giving a dog a better life. We did not appreciate quite how much we were also helping the KAPSA volunteers and their supporters. Our decision, like those of others who had taken the same step, brought relief, encouragement and hope to the amazing people who work tirelessly for these animals. They fight an uphill battle, and most days bring as many tears as triumphs. We all shared in the joy of a happy ending.

Atesh’s story is proof of the power of social media to connect people in unforeseen and uplifting ways. 

You can find out more about the work of this amazing charity by visiting the KAPSA website, or joining the Friends of KAPSA Facebook group.

“Caroline is an outstanding communications professional. Hard working, clear thinking, reliable, knowledgeable, skilled and fun she has been a pleasure to work with.

She did much to enhance our strategic thinking and helped us articulate a clear set of values that define all we do. Caroline left her position with us to set up her own agency, and we became her first client. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

Ed Elliott, Head, The Perse School